The GoPro 3-Way Handle @ GAC

Coming soon from GoPro, a new handle system that will be a must have accessory for many GoPro users. There's not much this new mount can't do. You can use it in three main ways, as a short camera grip, extension arm or as a tripod - any many combinations of these too! Capture everything from POV and follow-cam footage, to static tripod shots and much more. The GoPro 3-Way's modular design can be used in countless configurations for a wide variety of shots and infinite angles. And thanks to the unique folding arm, it's perfect for capturing selfies without the mount appearing in the shot!
Handheld camera grip!
THe GoPro 3-Way’s handle can be detached from the arm and used on its own as a lightweight grip. It's perfect for keeping the camera steady during handheld filming.
Folding extension arm!
Use the 3-Way’s arm and grip together as an extension arm or handheld boom for POV shots, follow-cam footage, overhead crowd shots and more.The arm folds to almost any angle, making it possible to capture selfies without the mount appearing in the shot.
Handle stores a neat tripod!
Stashed inside 3-Way's handle is a small, lightweight tripod that can be removed and used on its own, or combined with the handle. It’s great for Time Lapse photography and other static shots where you want to get crisp stills.
Countless configurations!
Completely modular, the 3-Way can be configured for a wide variety of shots and uses, and adjusted for nearly infinite capture angles.

The  3-Way will be available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre during the summer with an RRP of £69.99 - pre-order yours now on our website or instore to beat the rush!