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Scotland’s inshore waters are important. They extend 12 nautical miles from Scotland’s enormous 11,800km coastline, cover over half of the country’s territorial area and were historically a rich source of wealth for coastal communities. Despite the importance of inshore waters, their management has been neglected. Over-fishing and the use of fishing gears which damage habitats have not only been permitted but promoted. As a consequence the inshore ecosystem has been degraded and the valuable fish stocks have collapsed to the point that coastal communities no longer enjoy a mixed and vibrant economy.

It is important that all sea anglers, or just people who care about our environment put pressure on the Scottish Government to fulfill an EU commitment to regenerate the Clyde. Please come along to the meeting where Ayr Sea Angling Club have arranged presentations from two leading Scottish Charities involved in sea angling.
Firstly we have invited the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust ( along as a follow up to the Scottish Government’s Clyde 2020 seminar held in April. Click here to see the summary note from SIFT outlining their views and position on the Clyde. It will be good to hear from them first hand on how they are progressing their campaign and also give us anglers a chance to have some engaging discussions with them on the Clyde. SIFT’s aim is to promote the sustainable management of Scotland’s inshore waters so that they provide the maximum long term benefits to all coastal communities.

We have also invited along the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network ( to give a presentation on their current activities. Attached is a SSACN invite noting some history of the Clyde. SSACN is an independent Charity focusing on marine conservation issues, especially those affecting sea anglers. Their primary goal is to work in conjunction with others to help ensure future fish stocks. Presentations will be given, then the floor will be opened to general discussion.
Sonar scan of approximately one acre of the Firth of Clyde sea bed showing scarring by dredges.
We would all love to see the Firth Of Clyde back to the former world class fishery that it once was, although it may well never be that good again I do believe that there is a genuine desire from many of the stakeholders to see change and only through collaboration and dialogue is there any chance of the government taking the necessary action by putting measures in place that will allow a sustainable recovery of the Clyde Ecosystem.

The event is open to all sea anglers or indeed anyone with an interest in the Firth of Clyde so please ask your friends along ( screaming and shouting if need be )  …

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Willie Kennedy

Chairman Ayr Sea Angling Club


  1. Fished the clyde in the 70`s through eighties and it was a goldmine of different species.Fished it early 90`s not a bite,i would urge everyone who can attend to do so..


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