Wiley X Polarised Fishing Glasses @ GAC!

We are pleased to announce that world renowned polarized sunglasses manufacturer, Wiley X is bringing a range of their top quality protective fishing eyewear to Glasgow Angling Centre!

Wiley X was born 27 years ago when the U.S Military and Law Enforcement Agencies required the ultimate in eyewear. For this purpose, sunglasses and goggles featuring sleek designs, superior technology and shatterproof lenses were created and these have become the standard issue eye gear for the likes of the FBI, Army Rangers, Navy SEAL Teams and Army Special Forces to name but a few.
Optional T-peg Elastic Strap for Security
A U.S.-Veteran owned company that stands for High Velocity Protection: every pair of glasses that Wiley X make is certified to ANSI Z87, which means occupational-grade eye safety. Wiley X's advanced 8-layer polarized lenses, innovative designs, and nearly indestructible construction make them the choice of elite fishing pros and NASCAR® racing stars. Wiley X eyewear has been standard issue gear for America’s elite fighting forces for over 21 years.
Wiley X are the eyewear of choice for many high profile anglers!
Wiley X eyewear is put through the most rigorous testing in order to reach EN.166 and ANSI Z87.1-2003 rating and is the only premium performance sunglass line that is entirely ANSI safety rated. This means that in 1987 when Wiley X brought their sunglasses to the general public, military grade, protective eyewear was available to hunters, anglers and motorcyclists as well as the nation's elite forces. Now Wiley X features and technologies such as Climate Control and Filter 8 lenses are available here in the UK from GAC!
Available in a wide range of frame and lens styles
Whether you fish in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, off the bank or boat, you need to enhance your vision and protect your eyes at the same time. Wiley X sunglasses are up to the task and make the ideal fishing companions. The company has cut its teeth on safety glasses for the great outdoors, producing rugged, streamlined styles that handle the elements with grace and performance.
Angling can be dangerous - as this recent pic from Bangour trout fishery shows!
All anglers need to be aware of the dangers they face from fly casting, freeing snagged lures or hooks (and leads!) springing back at high speed from lost fish - you only get one set of eyes so you must do all you can to protect them! Wiley X lenses can withstand impacts from claw hammers, being shot by shotguns and even take a round from a .22LR rifle at 10 metres with zero penetration - check out the video below for a demonstration!

All of the Wiley X models stock here at Glasgow Angling Centre feature polarized lenses. We feel that polarized lenses are not only ideal for fishing or any water-related sport, they are a must have accessory!
Sunlight reflects off the surface of water in many different directions, and the movement of the water provides countless surfaces for light to bounce off of, so we experience blinding glare when near a body of water on a sunny day. This is a result of horizontal light rays penetrating our eyes. Wiley X polarized lenses are treated with a coating that absorbs the horizontal light but allows vertical rays to pass through. Because of this, the glare caused by sunlight is effectively eliminated, allowing better underwater vision and reducing eye strain.
Wiley X lenses have 8 layers for protection, polarization and clarity!
All Wiley X Polarised sunglasses come with a carry case, cleaning cloth and retaining lanyard and are available to buy now for Glasgow Angling Centre both instore and by mail order - CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RANGE NOW!