BIG Savage Gear Lures - Exclusive to GAC!

As any die hard Savage Gear fan will know, not all of their amazing lures are available in every country, and they will often on sell particular colours and sizes in certain region where they will be most popular. But sometimes here at GAC we will spot a lure from another market that has some serious potential to work here in the UK on our own lochs and rivers, and using our close relationship with with the guys at Savage Gear we will try to bring them into the country so that predator anglers here can get their hands on them!
In 2014 the Savage Gear range has never been better and this year so far we have identified three lures destined for other markets that we just had to get for our customers here in the UK! These lures have one thing in common - they are all BIG lures, and big lures mean big Pike!

First up is the Savage Gear 3D Trout. This realistic shad lure is already available in the UK in three colours and three sizes but when we spotted a huge 27.5cm version being tested in Denmark we made sure we were first on the list for them! These come in the same great colours and two different sink rates and feature textile reinforced tails for greater durability and and improved hook setup for better hook-ups on the bigger lure. Not for the faint hearted these lures weigh in at 225g and 275g and the 27.5cm 3D Trout Shad (or 'Footlong' as we like to call it) is only available in the UK from Glasgow Angling Centre!

Next is the 3D Bleak Glide Swimmer, another lure easily sourced in the UK but not in the kingsize 20.5cm version! This hard bodied lure has an amazing action and is one to give our favourite Savage Gear 4play lure a run for its money! It is very easy to fish and has a soft tail to reduce breakages when fishing near rocky snags. The jumbo 20.5cm Glide Swimmer comes in 5 great colours and is also only available in the UK from Glasgow Angling Centre!

Finally we have the Savage Gear Monster Slug! The SG test team had been asking for a lure like this for a long time, as they had been using the saltwater Sandeel Slug with great success for all types of predators - but they wanted something BIGGER! When we first saw the video of these in action in a tank test with some Arapaima we knew this would be a super popular lure and with its air filled body and built in rattles we were right - demand has been huge. The Monster Slug comes in 20cm and 25cm variants and three great colours and is exclusively available to buy from GAC in the UK!