Vision Tool Double Hand Salmon Fly Rods - Just the Job!

There is an actual formula that determines how you select the right tool for the job.  It could be plumbing, fixing electrics, fitting doors or building a solid foundation.  Firstly you determine the type of object you are working on, make a list of the tools and supplies you need, clarify your actual requirements, look at the tools you do have and then gather all your tools to make process run smoothly and efficiently.  In fact 'Smoothness' and 'Efficiency' are key factors when fly casting, so choosing the right tool for the job is important!
Vision Tool - Just the Job!
You may already own a Salmon Fly Rod but is it the right 'Tool' for the the job? Well the clever rod designers at Vision Fly Fishing have definitely lived up to their brand name, by having the 'Vision' and ingenuity to design the Vision Tool Fly Rods series.  Visually these rods are different, very different, and may not 'fit' how you imagine a fly rod to look.  But they pulled it off with the Tool series because what lies beneath is a casting machine!

They are very light and stealthy in appearance with their black matt finish and unmarked blank, however when you cast with the rod and experience it's superb feel and astonishing line speed, you will realise how powerful yet effortless it is to use.  It has a medium fast action so it's perfect for all-round use and will deal with Spey Lines and Shooting Heads easily.  Additionally the EVA handle, although black, gives you a lighter contact with the rod and discourages over-powering, while also creating a more secure grip when it's wet.

So if you want a Double Hand Salmon Fly Rod that falls into the 'Power-Tool' category, then you really want to have a cast with the new Vision Tool.  It will help you cut through the wind, nail those big beautiful D-Loops, lay perfect anchors and drill tight loops through the air.

You can buy Vision Tool Fly Rods instore at Glasgow Angling Centre or online by clicking HERE.