Savage Gear Fight Belt - Reviewed

Steve Souter is one of the most respected Sea Anglers out there and has eye for both quality and detail.  So when asked to review the Savage Gear Fight Belt it would have to be good - really good - to  pass the test!!
Savage Gear Fight Belt
Fight Belts or 'Butt Pads' as they are commonly known, are used to prevent the rod moving all over the place when playing big fish.  It creates a secure foundation that allows you to use more of your upper body strength. They also give you additional leverage when the going gets tough and by the looks of things,  Savage Gear's belt seems to have ticked Steve's boxes.
He writes on Planet Sea Fishing that the product has a "thoughtful design," and is "an effective solution" to the fiddliness of cheaper designs that don't stay put when worn.  With a host of features, the belt is seriously strong and light to wear and epitomises the quality and experience that goes into Savage Gear products. Enough said. 

So this Fight Pad is not the 'butt of the jokes' but a reliable part of any big fish angler's armoury.  You can buy the Savage Gear Fight Belt instore on online at Glasgow Angling Centre by clicking HERE