Partridge Patriot Barbless Jig Hook - New for 2014

Partridge of Redditch have recently added the Partridge Patriot Barbless Jig Hook to their range of fly tying hooks.  It's a standard wire barbless jig hook featuring a wide gape and long, straight, sure-hold point to give exceptional hook setting properties.
Patriot Barbless Jig Hook
The hook can be used for tying tungsten bead jig nymphs such as Pheasant Tail, Hare's Ear, Caddis and various Grayling patterns for fishing in fast, deep water.  Because the hook is barbless, it doesn't get snagged on the bottom - so ideal as a point fly. The design of the hook also means the pattern usually swims hook point up, further minimising the chances of being snagged on the bottom.

Adding a Tungsten Bead does not only help you fish at the right depth but also adds a 'hot spot' or attraction point, further increasing the pattern's appeal.  For example when fishing in fast, deep water, there is a very short window of opportunity for the fish to study their food before it rushes past them, so the additional glint from the bead acts as a trigger to take.
Wire Woven Jig Nymph - Darryl Mooney (Partridge)
You may think these hooks would take any type of bead however using Slotted Tungsten Beads are recommened. The slot not only helps the bead smoothly make it's way round the bend of the hook but also helps position the bead flush at the eye. Also important to note that the slot should be facing the rear of the hook.  However there are no hard and fast rules and creativity is always possible.

You can buy Partridge Patriot Barbless Jig Hooks instore or online from Glasgow Angling Centre by clicking here ...