New Dynabait Preserved Baits in Stock

When fishing in fresh or saltwater, keeping the bait fresh is important as the scent attracts fish.  For example if you use Mackerel Strips or Sandeels, there's the hassle of keeping the bait frozen to preserve the bait's potency.  However Dynabait have just launched a new range of preserved baits that will save a lot of hassle, wastage and ultimately give you more productive fishing time.
New Preserved Baits fron Dynabait
The product is uniquely processed and freeze dried to create a high quality, long lasting, potent fishing bait that retains all it's natural hormones and enzymes.  This further increases flavour which triggers a very productive reaction from the species you are fishing for. When the bait hits the water, there is an explosion of flavour which attracts fish within a reasonable distance, improving your catch rate.

The raw components are sourced from local farms or collected from the wild, and as the refining process begins, they are selected, sorted and impurities are removed.  The material is then exposed to very low temperatures so the freshness and quality remain.  Finally freeze drying occurs where water is removed from the product under a vacuum and eventually the product is exposed to higher temperatures for 24 hours.

Some of the products in this range include Dynabait Rag Worms, Dynabait Sand Worms, Dynabait Herring and Dynabait Shrimp Whole.

In terms of usage, you simply soak in water for approximately 25-40 minutes, after which time the bait will become flexible and easy to thread on a hook.  Better still, cutting the bait before re-hydration it will help it soak faster and once fully hydrated you just have to store in a container to keep moist.

Bait potency is essential if you are to have a successful fishing session, however these new preserved baits from Dynabait will improve your success rate, reduce wastage and save a lot of time.

You can buy Dynabait, freeze dried baits from Glasgow Angling Centre instore or online by clicking here.