Bug-Bond UV Cured Resin - 5 Years in the Market

BUG-BOND UV Cured Resin celebrates 5 years in the market this year and David Edwards was at Glasgow Angling Centre's recent Open Weekend demonstrating the BUG-BOND Mains Professional UV Light and giving some young tyers the opportunity to tie their first fly.

Mains Professional UV Light
The Professional UV Light, with its innovative footswitch, is mains powered and takes the process of curing Bug-Bond UV Resin to the next level.  One of the biggest issues with a battery powered UV light is that the resin stops curing due to poor quality or weak batteries.  The mains powered kit eliminates this problem and gives you a seamless, reliable light source.

However, Dave took time out to show an easy tie (and a good catching pattern) to three young visitors at the event and gave them the opportunity to tie up their own flies.
Tying your First Fly
A Happy Young Tyer
A New Bug Bond Fan
The pattern was the San Juan worm and was so popular that by the end of the second day there wasn't any Veniard Suede Chenille left on display and stocks of Veniard Magic Glass V-Rib was in short supply! David said "I get a real buzz out of being on fly tyer's row at the Glasgow Angling Centre."
Dave further points out that "the biggest buzz of all is getting a young tyer in the hot seat to tie a fly and without exception Philippa, Ryan and Nathan tied flies that I'd be happy to have in my fly box and fish with!" Apparently someone even suggested that the worm pattern could be used for salmon... sheer heresy.