Berkley Powerbait Dough Moulds at GAC!

It's not often we get a new product for anglers that fish bait for Trout - most use techniques and technology that is decades old! However, these new Powerbait Moulds have just arrived into stock at GAC, and we reckon they will be a huge seller when the Trout season comes around!
The new Berkley Powerbait Dough Moulds come in a twin pack with two sizes of mould, one for size 16 hooks or smaller, and one for size 12 hooks or smaller. Designed to protect your fingers from hooks and also to keep human scent and other contaminants like sunscreen or insect repellant off your bait this clever contraption consistently forms the perfect sized ball of Powerbait every time! They even help to stop the pungent aroma of Powerbait getting onto your fingers!

How to use the Berkley Powerbait Dough Mould
The secret to success with Berkley Powerbait is to use the right hook and line in the first place. Run a small weight and then a bead up your main line off the reel and then tie on a small swivel. The bead will protect the knot as the weight slides up and down. Choose a quality treble hook in a size 12 or smaller and match it up with the lightest hooklength you can get away with - about 18'' of 4lb or 6lb mono is usually ideal. Alternatively you can used one of the pre-rigged hooklengths which have a single hook mounted with a coil spring that hold the bait onto the hook, these will also work well with the bait moulds. Tie the hooklength onto the other side of the swivel.

Tie the treble hook onto your hooklength - the mould features a built in knot puller so you can safely tighten the knot without getting that hook in you finger!

 Put the hook into the bottom of the mould and pull the line into the slot!

Keeping the line taught, pick out a generous scoop of Powerbait (or any dough bait) from the jar!

Make sure everything is still in place in the mould...

...and squeeze the two halve together firmly. The excess bait will come out of the sides!

Keeping the mould closed you can scrape the excess back into the jar - no waste!

Open the mould up and you should have a perfect little berry of bait, with the hook hidden inside!

Remove the ball from the mould and make sure at least one hook point is just poking out of the bait a tiny bit! Now you are ready to fish!

Remember to change your bait about every 30 minutes or so as the scent soon gets washed away underwater. You can even experiment with 2 or more different colours and types of Powerbait in the mould to make baits the fish will never have seen before!

You can buy the new Powerbait Moulds from Glasgow Angling Centre instore or online by clicking HERE!