Atlantic Flies come to GAC!

Buying truly top quality Salmon flies tied on a commercial scale has always been a challenge and we are proud to announce that we have added Icelandic fly supplier Atlantic Flies to our fantastic range which already features the best patterns from Fulling Mill and Caledonian flies.
Working alongside worldwide fly tying sensation Davie McPhail, Atlantics Flies produce some of the best tyed Salmon flies we have ever seen, and it has been said that their flies could rival those tied by some of the countries best bespoke fly tyer's, guys like Davie McPhail or Duncan Egan, but at a much more affordable level and with no long waiting lists!
McPhails Sunburst Cascade
McPhail has had a huge influence on the latest patterns from Atlantic Flies, putting his own twist on some old (and new) favourites, even right down to personally selecting and hand dying some of the materials used in this amazing range of patterns!

These flies are a little more expensive than other commercially tyed Salmon flies and it shows - they just ooze quality, each one is carefully individually packaged and even has its own little 'swim vid', just click the link on our website or scan the QR code on the label with your Smartphone to see a short video clip of how each fly will look as it swings around in the river! Each pattern is tied using only the best hooks and materials with genuine Bug-Bond, component from Flymen Fishing Company and hooks from Partridge, Mustad and Sawada featuring heavily in the finished flies.
Snaelda Tiger Tail in Hot Orange
Check out the range of Atlantic Flies Salmon patterns on our website now and check back regularly as we expand the selection in the coming months! Click HERE to see them now!


  1. Very very nice indeed, Us frozen folk over here in Canada probably not unlike yourselves about this time get into more intense working at the bench. Grand it is however seems to me tis rather hard to obtain new and proper materials for most anything these days. Therefore we become great substituties. kind of sad
    Now for me you are one of ,probably the best of the fly tiers of your generation in the world. Why? Cause you have kept teaching simple and explicit, like it should be. Got a big problem laddie don’t(and I don’t think you will) let it run away with you.
    Never the less God bless many more years and get your ass into a proper Dee fly for us pilgrims to ponder!
    Cheers lad b


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