Toni Karuvaara and Patagonia confirm for GAC September Event!

We are excited to announce that Toni Karuvaara from Patagonia will be attending our September Open Weekend Event on the 27th, 28th and 29th! Toni will be joined by Patagonia Sales Manager Steve Fisher and Bill Klyn who is Patagonia's Global Fishing Manager - these guys will be on hand to advise on Patagonia product and answer all your questions!
Patagonia gear is available now from GAC! 
Toni grew up living next to the River Langinkoski in Finland. He was fascinated with fishing and it soon became his favourite hobby as a young boy. His Grandfather, Oiva, took Him fishing as a 5 year old boy to the River Kymi where they fished with spinning gear, but it was his father who bought him his first fly rod when he was 14 years old - a Kunnan Classic Graphite 10’ #7. He still own's the rod and was hooked on fly fishing from the day his Dad gave him that rod.
Toni Karuvaara is Patagonia's European Fishing Team Leader 
Toni went on to work in fishing stores in Helsinki in the early 90´s then started to work for Guideline in Sweden in 2004 thanks to his dear friend and mentor, HÃ¥kan Norling, who helped him get a foot in the door. Working with Guideline gave him the rare opportunity to pursue his dream - a career in fly fishing!
He then worked as an editor for Chasing Silver magazine for 3 years and Toni was recently appointed as Patagonia Fly Fishing Team Leader in Europe. As well as fishing, Toni is also a keen hunter, photographer and writer. He will be on hand at the GAC Open Weekend Event to showcase Patagonia fly fishing clothing, waders and accessories.
Toni has had a dream career in fly fishing!
Patagonia fishing gear is considered by many to be the best available and with products like the Gallegos wader and SST jackets in the line up it is easy to see why. They are often at the forefront of design and innovation as can be seen with the amazing Aluminium Bar Boots and Krampons and not all of their fishing range is as pricey as you might think, with some items like the Minimalist Wading Jacket competing at a very affordable level with other big value brands in the tackle industry!
Meet Toni Karuvara and the Patagonia team at GAC's Open Weekend Event!
There really is something for everyone at these events, that's why they are the biggest in Scotland and this one will be the biggest ever! There will be loads of thing to see and do on the Open Weekend dates as well as some amazing bargains on fishing tackle. Keep an eye out on FacebookTwitter and instore for more info on what's going on at this event! Plus don't forget to register for your FREE GIFT on the day! Click HERE for details!