Deal of the Week - Rapala Sportsman Sunglasses

Deal of the week is a pair of Rapala Sportsman Sunglasses with an RRP of £34.99, now only £15.00
Deal ends 22/08/2013
These Rapala Sportsman Sunglasses are ideal when you need to spot moving fish on bright days.  Normally sunlight bounces off water and creates an agitating layer which polarised sunglasses help to reduce.  Polarised sunglasses contain a laminated filter which allows vertically oriented light to pass through while blocking horizontal light, therefore eliminating glare.  They reduce eye strain, improve comfort, contrast, visual clarity and also allow true perception of colours. 
So if you want to experience the benefits of polarised sunglasses at a very reasonable price, these Rapala Sportsman Sunglasses are ideal.