Megabass Vision OneTen Lures - Now In Stock!

We now have stock of the popular Vision OneTen lures at Glasgow Angling Centre. These lures are gaining in popularity among Salmon anglers and are now the lure of choice on many beats of the River Tay and others, knocking the Rapala off the top spot, as well as being a favourite among Bass anglers in the UK.
The Vision Oneten has gained a bit of a reputation on Scottish salmon rivers!
GAC have various versions of the 110's in stock, and these come in a variety of colours. They are expensive but each one is like a miniature work of art, and their proven catch record and easy casting design is hard to ignore!
The unique internal design means these cast a long way!
Megabass Vision 110 - The Original!
Proving their worth and causing a storm on the UK Salmon and Bass fishing scene, the original Vision 110 lure from Megabass is a highly versatile diving jerk bait with an action and look that works equally well in fresh and salt, moving or still waters, thanks to the top notch features they sport. These include internal rattles for maximum attraction, tungsten composite balancing weights for optimised casting distance and nose first dive in the water, and a host of superb visual attractions including projecting gill plates, red throat, lateral line and lifelike scales and eyes. The Vision Oneten is proving particularly deadly when allowed to come to a dead stop. As the lure slowly floats back to the surface, this lip action is often enough to induce powerful takes.
The Original Vision Oneten weighs in at 14.3g and 110.5mm in length
Megabass Vision 110 Jr.The little brother of the original Vision Oneten, the Oneten Jr is ideal for those finicky, easily spooked fresh and saltwater targets. The Vision Oneten Jr. measures in at 98mm, weighing 10.6g, and features the same high quality fixtures, fittings and finish as all Megabass lures.
The Vision Oneten Jr. measures in at 98mm, weighing 10.6g
The Vision Oneten+1 from Megabass is built to the same shape and design as the standard Oneten, with an extended, more horizontal lip to deliver a deeper diving, more erratic action in the water. The Oneten+1 still boasts the same high quality fixtures, fittings and finish common to the unbelievable Megabass range. Deadly in salt and fresh, moving or still water and dives between 1 and 1.5 metres deeper than the original.
The Vision Oneten+1 weighs in at 14.3g, measuring 110.5mm
Vision Oneten Magnum
Big brother to the standard Vision Oneten, the Vision Oneten Magnum range boasts all the fantastic features of its smaller labelmate, with an increased size, weight and float-ability. This delivers a larger lure that casts further and returns to the surface faster on reel-stop, giving you a more aggressive action befitting of the larger size.
The Vision Oneten Magnum lure measures in at 130mm, and weighs 18g
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