Guideline Reaction FRS Fly Rods - Now In Stock!

The Guideline Reaction was groundbreaking in terms of action and performance so it was always going to be very difficult to surpass.  However after extensive testing, numerous blanks and some aches and pains, Guideline have done it again with the Guideline Reaction FRS Fly Rod (FRS - Fortified Resin System).
Guideline Reaction FRS Single Hand

The new Reaction FRS rods are made using the latest Nano-Silica-Resins, the best graphite cloths and best rod components available.  This is in addition to the advanced reinforcement technology that adds 10x the strength to blank, creating a slim profile and extremely smooth action.
Guideline Reaction FRS Double Hand

Choose from the Guideline Reaction FRS Double Hand and the The Guideline Reaction FRS Single Hand.   For example the 10ft #7 weight single hand is very versatile and will suit river and stillwater fishermen alike.  It works excellently with shooting heads or traditional lines and will surprise you with it's power and performance.  Additionally, the FRS 14ft 8" #8 weight double hand will make it easier to create D-Loops and will give you the ability to drive longer casts when required.

Now we have these rods in stock, don't take our word for it.  You've got to give them a cast yourself!!  Therefore if you want to find out more about these exciting new rods, check them out in store and our expert sales staff will help you out.  Alternatively you can also check them out online now!