First Look - BugBond Mains Professional Lamp!

Bug-Bond is used by 1000's of fly tyers worldwide for it's versatility!
There have been a number of sightings of a new piece of fly tying kit over the past 2 years - you might even have spotted it at our last couple of Open Weekend Events! David Edwards, the man behind the Bug-Bond phenomenon, has kept this exciting development close to his chest, Research and Development at Bug-Bond HQ never stops, and David has been busy working on this project in the background but with design protection now in place we reckon it is time to make an announcement - a new Bug-Bond UV light source!
The Bug-Bond Professional Light set the benchmark for UV curing torches!
So what is the new kit? Well it’s more of an upgrade! Bug-Bond where not going to introduce another new light when thousands of GAC customers have already shelled out for the Professional UV Light and are very happy with it! Powered by a single AA battery the Bug-Bond Professional UV Light set a new benchmark in curing UV resins for fly tying, offering great curing performance with long battery life it looked like they had cracked it. However, David was already designing the next phase, to design a light with a continuous source of power that doesn't run out or vary - a mains powered unit. Since the Bug-Bond range didn't need another light the new one was designed as an upgrade that uses the existing Professional Light and gives the end user the best of both worlds - mains power with portability when you need it!
The new lamp is mains powered and has a foot pedal switch!
Those who have seen David tying at various shows over the past 18 months or so may have seen the new setup, though he has been fairly coy and kept it under wraps as much as possible. World class flytyer Barry Ord Clarke has been testing the new unit and has been seen at the Swedish Fly Fair and Norwegian Fly Fair with it - not only that he was photographed using it by Tore Litlere Rydgren in Norway. However, this wasn't the first photo of the light that made it into the public domain, the first was of Cheryl McCrory tying her first fly at the GAC Open Weekend event last September!
Cheryl using the new light at the GAC Open Weekend  in 2012
So what does the new kit consist of? The main component is a remote foot pedal that replaces the the switch on the Professional UV Light. This in turn is powered from the mains electricity via an AC/DC adapter, giving the user the convenience of mains power with a nifty foot operated UV light source (leaving both hands free to manipulate materials etc) as well as the portability demanded by the travelling fly tyer. You could keep the foot operated switch at home for the tying bench and when going to a fly tying club or on a fishing trip, return the light to AA battery operation - another first for light cured resins in fly tying from Bug-Bond who remain at the forefront of the fly tying resin market and have picked up 2 innovation awards over the last two years to prove it!
Barry Ord Clarke testing the new unit at the Norwegian Fly Fair
The new Bug-Bond mains UV curing lamp will be available complete or as a retro fit kit for your existing Bug-Bond Professional UV Light from Glasgow Angling Centre soon! To register your interest in one please contact us through the usual channels and keep an eye out on Facebook, Twitter or the Blog for the latest info!