The Worlds (second) Biggest Fly Rod!

Could this be the world biggest fly fishing outfit?
Ron Little, an artist from Washington has a passion for vintage fishing tackle and has a collection of antique fishing gear. So when his friend gifted him a ships mast, made from Douglas Fir, and suggested he use it as a flagpole, all he could envision was one gigantic fly rod!
Ron fabricated most of the fittings by hand!
So he started shaping the masts into what would ultimately become what he believed to be the world's largest functioning fly rod and reel. He spent the next 9 months hand crafting the rod and fly reel, fabricating the copper ferrules, the steel snake guides, the stainless steel reel seat, the African Wenge wood reel and genuine cork handle.
The reel is a giant replica of a 19th century English reel
He even machined the brass for the frame of the giant fly reel. All to create a realistic (giant) version of a 19th century English fly rod and reel. The Wenge wood for the reel was used because it closely resembled the black walnut they used for the English reels. The Douglas Fir pole even resembles the green hart wood of the old English made fly rods. The handles for the reel are made of marble which represents the agate handles of the period. The rod and reel have been aged and weathered to emulate the wear that an old rod would have. As time goes on, it will only get better.
It is time for this big fly rod to find a new home!
The finished fly rod is 38ft long and is comes apart just like the real thing into three sections. Ron realised that to scale, there should really be one more section, but he was taking into consideration that this would need to fit inside a structure that would have a moderately large room to display it in. The fly rod and reel was featured in the December 2009 Issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine and has been on display at a local sporting goods store for the public to enjoy. But it now needs a REAL home! If you are the owner or decorator of a hunting/fishing lodge or sporting goods store ( or own a large man-cave and just need a large fly rod) then consider this one-of-a-kind item for your pleasure! You can find it on ebay HERE.

Ron's giant rod and reel unfortunately isn't the biggest in the world, if you want to see that, then check out this one in Houston!