The Biggest Fly Rod Review of 2013

UK anglers seem to love complaining about the reviews in the angling press, about how in depth they go, the ranges on test and of course there's always some sort of crazy conspiracy theory surrounding the winners (and losers)! I think most magazine reviews are OK and can be quite accurate but of course in the shop we get to experience and try out a lot more gear than the average angler, so we can see where some of the the misgivings about them could come from - especially if you are relying on a rod test, review or comparison to help with an expensive tackle purchase!
Spoiler Alert - The new G.Loomis NRX LP came out on top!
I always enjoy reading the in depth reviews from Yellowstone Angler in the states, and this most recent one concentrates on the latest 9ft #5 rods and features 29 current models from all price points including the Hardy Zenith, Sage ONE, G. Loomis NRX Light Presentation, Hardy Artisan, Orvis Helios 2, Sage Circa, Scott G2, Greys GRXi+, Scott A4 and the Greys XF2 - all tested with a level of detail that would be impossible to fit in any angling magazine!

The level of detail these guys go to is outstanding - how do they find the time?
Check it out and let us know what you think! With this level of detail it's important to read the rod reviews as well as look at the winners and losers to find what rods might suit you best -  Click here to read the rod test!

And remember if you would like to cast any of our fly rods before you buy it, you can try out as many as you like on the casting pool at the shop, usually under the watchful eye of a SGAIC Instructor if required.