New Rio Pike Fly Line!

The new Rio Pike/Musky line comes in Float and Float/Int densities!
Once again Glasgow Angling Centre brings you the latest gear first in this awesome UK exclusive!

These new Pike fly lines from Rio have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern Pike and Predator fly fisher. Designed from scratch the new line features a short head and a powerful front taper that will have no problem casting large bunny leeches and typical Pike streamers. The line is heavier than the industry standard to load powerful rods with ease, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that features RIO's XS and AgentX technologies for the very best in performance. The Rio Pike Fly Line is available in a range of line ratings from #8 to #11, and in full Floating plus also an exciting new Float/Intermediate version,  a line that has long been missing from the Pike fly anglers armoury, to allow predator hunters to cover a range of situations.
Redesigned from the bottom up, the new Rio Pike Flyline!
This range of new Pike fly lines adds to our current selection of pukka predator lines like the top selling Guideline Pike series and the popular Mastery Pike from Scientific Anglers as well as the budget favourite Rio Mainstream Bass/Pike! We also stock a wide range of Pike flyfishing flies and leader making materials and with many of our staff experienced Pike fly anglers we can offer help and advice on how to gear up and catch this exciting freshwater species!

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