Hardy Fin & Fly May 2013

Stevie Munn reveals his top fly for Mayfly season!
The May 2013 edition of Fin and Fly is now available to read online! If you haven't seen it before, Fin and Fly is Hardy and Greys monthly e-zine, where you can read about the latest fishing tactics, news and tips, and Hardy Academy members share their latest fishing experiences. It's always filled with awesome photography, up to date info and great competitions.

This months issue features some topical thinking from some of the resident contributors, all of whom are well respected and at the cutting edge of the sport, taking a look at up-to-the-minute issues that affect us all, with their usual focus on a mix of interest and entertainment! Stevie Munn offers his top tips for Trout anglers fishing the Mayfly season including his top fly, Mark Roberts offers Part 3 of his casting series, focusing on other line management casts referred to as 'mends', 'bends' and 'wiggles', Andrew Herd accounts on the life of Louis Bouglé and how the Bouglé reel came into development and Stuart Minnikin on why May is his favourite month for fishing and why you should make the most of it.

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