Wychwood River and Stream Rods - Now in Stock!

One of the most exciting new rod ranges of 2013 has just landed at Glasgow Angling Centre! The new Wychwood River and Stream rod range is one of the nicest fly rods we have ever seen and they were not meant to arrive for another few weeks, but we have managed to get our hands on a few already! If you have already pre-ordered one of these awesome light line fly rods it will be on its way to you very soon and if you haven't then get your order in quick - these will sell out fast and there is no guarantee the wait for the next batch to arrive will be a short one!
Wychwood River and Stream Rod
Wychwood River and Stream rods are produced using only the finest grades of carbon fibre available,
delivering unrivalled lightweight blanks with super soft, smooth casting actions. This refined blank delivery allows for ultimate precision when laying flies atop of easily spooked, wild fish. These River and Stream rods redefine casting accuracy and presentation - to cast them is to believe it!

Get yours now from GAC, either instore or online before this first batch of reels runs out!