Loop Tube Doubles have a Successor!

When Loop first introduced their Tube Double to the Salmon fishing scene they were one of the first brands to encourage a move away from the use of more traditional treble hooks for Salmon fly fishing and arrived at a time when catch and release fishing was a lot less common than it is today.
Loop hooks and tubes changed the face of Salmon fishing
These stocky little hooks were perfectly matched to the short bottle style tubes that had become so popular from Loop and Shumakov, were better for the fish and tended to snag less leaves when fishing at the back end, especially when used with soft, hairwinged flies like the Tempeldog which were about to explode in popularity! The Loop hooks quickly became a bestseller and although great tube doubles from brands like Partridge and Owner might have been better, they never became as popular and the Loop hook remained at the top until the decision to discontinue them in 2012 ended their reign.
The new Mustad 30851-BLN Tube Double fitted with Swing-Tube!
This gap in the market has now been filled by the new Mustad 308531-BLN Tube Double! Mustad know a bit about making fishing hooks. They were the manufacturer behind the successful Loop Tube Double so re-releasing it as their own makes perfect sense!
The new hook looks great - just like the Loop Double did!
As you can see from these images the new hook looks just like its predecessor, it has the same black nickel finish, short shank and chemically sharpened points and most importantly it is just as strong as the Loop hook, if not stronger due to the 3 step computeri­zed hardening process used by Mustad to ensure maximum strength.
Super sharp and very strong!
There is no denying that these are good looking hooks, especially when used along with the Swing-Tube sleeves from Propellerfly as you can see from the images. These handy little bits of plastic fit over the hook once you have tied it to your leader and make it line up perfectly without the need for extra tubing - especially handy on bottle tubes where it can be impossible to fit silicon tubing on the back! They even come in various sizes and colours so you can change the look of your fly!
The new hook is available now from GAC!
Packaged in 10's and available in sizes 4 to 12 the Mustad 80531BLN is also prices significantly cheaper than the equivalent Loop hook which reached an exorbitant price towards the end of its time at the top. You can buy them from Glasgow Angling Centre both online and instore, find out more buy following this LINK!