Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines - Now in Stock!

The biggest development in fly line technology for 2013 has arrived! Stock of the new Super Dri series from Airflo has began to hit the shelves at GAC and the range will be complete very soon!
The Airflo Super Dri has amazing floating properties!
Top UK flyline manufacturer, Airflo, have always been at the forefront of fly line technology, producing some of the best known and most technically advanced fly lines in recent memory! Working with the latest materials available, they have recently developed a new series of fly lines which will even impress some of the older generation who actually experienced some of the less desirable floating lines made by Airflo in the 90's. Despite the reputation they may have gained way back then, their lines are now among the best in the world and are favoured by many top line designers and fly fishing brands and the new Super Dri range of floating lines are set to be a world beater - check out our mini review HERE!
Super Dri Xceed New Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Super-Dri Xceed Fly Line
The Super-Dri range consists of five unique tapers which are specifically designed to aid flyfishing in every angling situation possible, everything from throwing tight loops under overhanging trees to launching a long cast into the horizon. The Super-Dri Xceed has been designed to generate high line speeds that get the most out of the fast action rods of today. The Xceed floating fly line has a slightly heavier weight forward head with a condensed taper, ideal for casting your flies into a head wind and is available in sizes WF3 to WF9.
Super Dri Elite New Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Elite Super-Dri Fly Line
The Super Dri Elite features Airflo's go to trout taper - the extremely popular impact taper. With its modest front taper and standard head length, this line will do it all! Great for all aspects of Trout fly fishing, boat or bank, river, lake or small stillwater. Available in three great colours, Lichen Green in WF2 to WF7, Sunrise Yellow in WF3 to WF7 and Lichen Green/Sunrise Yellow in DT3 to DT6.
Super Dri Lake Pro New Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Lake Pro Super-Dri Fly Line
The Super-Dri Lake Pro flyline features the old favourite Delta taper and utilises this formation for easy distance casts with multiple flies, something a fly angler often needs to do. The longer rear taper allows better turnover at distance. The Lake Pro is available in sizes WF5 to WF8 in a pale mint colour.
Super Dri Mend New Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Mend Super-Dri Fly Line
Airflo’s Super Dri Mend flyline has been designed to make nymphing and chucking big bugs across the stream easier than ever before. Featuring a thicker tip diameter to help turn over less aerodynamic flies or bulky indicators, coupled with an extended head length which helps with mending and keeping control of your flies at longer distances. The Mend is available in sizes WF4 to WF8.
Super Dri Distance Pro New Airflo Super Dri Fly Lines
Distance PRO Super-Dri Fly Line
For the extreme casters the Super-Dri Distance Pro is Airflo's longest belly single hand fly line, designed for ultimate distance casts and mending control - an Airflo Pro Staff Favourite! Available in sizes WF5 to WF9 in an Optic Green colour.

All the new Airflo Super Dry series lines include the following features to help you get the most out of your flyfishing and casting;
  • Ultimate high floating PVC Free material
  • Repels water, dirt and grime better than any other material
  • Slides through the eyes better, adding distance to every cast
  • Easily lifts off the waters surface for maximum stealth
  • Looped at both ends for easy leader changes
  • Ridged for greater shoot ability and less tangles
  • Power Core for ultra low stretch, extreme feel, and solid hook set
You can purchase the complete range of Airflo fly lines from Glasgow Angling Centre, both online and instore and the Super Dri range can be found HERE!