First Look - Airflo Super-Dri Fly Lines

Top UK fly line manufacturer, Airflo, have always been at the forefront of fly line technology, producing some of the best known and most technically advanced fly lines in recent memory. Working with the latest and best materials available, they have developed a new series of fly lines which will even impress some of the older generation who actually experienced some of the less desirable floating lines made by Airflo in the 90's. Despite the reputation they may have gained way back then, their lines are now among the best in the world and are favoured by many top line designers and fly fishing brands and the new Super Dri range of floating lines are set to be a world beater!
The new Super Dri range from Airflo
I first got to test these lines out around a year ago and was impressed right from the first cast! After using them extensively for many months and now with the various tapers and line colours finalised I reckon the guys at Airflo have got it spot on. The new coating seems to float impossibly high on the surface and lifts off with very little water spray - great for fishing in flat clam conditions for spooky Trout. These lines float right to the tip which is finished off with a neat welded loop (you can cut it off if you don't like them) as is the reel end making it easy to attach your backing with a big loop. Airflo lines had always been what I would call "low floaters" that would wallow slightly in the surface due to the material they are made from, not always a bad thing, particularly for Spey casting where this gives your anchor bit more "stick", but the new lines are nothing at all like that. The line casts beautifully and there is a taper to suit everybody in the Super Dri range, in line weights #2 up to #9 and in DT and WF configurations.
Eve after a hard season, the new Airflo Super Dri has exceptional floating properties!
These lines are also super durable. If you know me then you will know how often I can be found casting in the shop car park or on grass or gravel, messing around with new rods or line combos and these lines took all that beating and still performed brilliantly on the water when actually being fished with - something very few lines on the market can handle. Super-Dri fly lines have been developed with Airflo’s patented polymer, a new material which repels water and dirt better than any other material ever used for fly lines. The new material optimizes line floatation, and these properties are a permanent part of the fly line, not like other lines where the floatant is added to the surface of the line, constantly leaching out, and requiring you to re-treat the line. Super-Dri lines float high on the waters surface rather than in it, sitting 10-15% higher than any other floating fly line and also feature a new fly line concept that uses a low compression compound in the areas of the line that are exposed to the most stress - a section of harder polymer at the back of the head and into the running line, in the the "hauling zone". This harder wearing section also increases shootability by producing less friction in the rod rings, adding to casting distance.
Floats all the way to the tip!
Of course this wouldn't be an honest review without talking about the drawbacks of these lines and although I found them to be very good in almost every way, there is one tiny drawback to using the highest floating line in the world. When fishing static dries or buzzers under an indicator in a stillwater, with a stiff crossing breeze - the line floats so high in the water that it drifts just a bit too fast, meaning I would have to recast a little more than I would normally like to! Just one small niggle (some anglers might even prefer it) from a line that will seriously impress you in every other way!

The Airflo Super-Dri series of fly lines will be available from Glasgow Angling Centre from early April and you can pre-order yours now at a special introductory price and be one of the first in the UK with one of these revolutionary fly lines.

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