Wychwood River and Stream - Lost in Time

The new Wychwood rods and reels certainly look awesome!
We just stumbled across this short video about the development of the new River and Stream range from Wychwood, it's due in stock very soon and it looks great!

Wychwood River and Stream is a new and exclusive tackle range, where all products have been created using nothing but the finest materials available. All the products in the range have been designed using Wychwood's elegant ‘modern classic’ styling and the performance has been developed with one thing in mind river and stream fishing and looks like it could be a game changer!
Wychwood River and Stream Reel
These lightweight river fishing reels are a marvel of modern day engineering and are sure to be the envy of many. Both reels feature a new, innovative, adjusta-clicker drag system as Wychwood bring to the bank a product that truly challenges the boundaries of production technology with the reels weighing in at a staggering 50g (#2/3) and 58g (#4/5). The River and Stream reels redefine elegance mixed with performance - to hold them is to believe it!
Wychwood River and Stream Rod
Wychwood River and Stream rods are produced using only the finest grades of carbon fibre available,
delivering unrivalled lightweight blanks with super soft, smooth casting actions. This refined blank delivery allows for ultimate precision when laying flies atop of easily spooked, wild fish. These River and Stream rods redefine casting accuracy and presentation - to cast them is to believe it!
The stylish River and Stream Bags
The new Wychwood River and Stream luggage offers visual perfection through design detailing and material quality. All items are constructed using leather from the hides of prized Brazilian cattle mixed with a 16oz extremely durable and waterproof material, helping these bags last a lifetime. These bags redefine exceptional workmanship and exquisite materials – to see them is to believe it!
Quality accessories complete the River and Stream range
To complement the River and Stream range there is a host of small tackle items such as fly wallets, tippet straighteners and reel cases. All items boast Wychwood's ‘modern classic’ design language just like the rods, reels and luggage and are created using only the finest materials, delivering supreme product quality
Wychwood River and Stream - Coming in April 2013!
This stunning new range is available to pre-order now from Glasgow Angling Centre both online and instore and can be previewed exclusively at the GAC March Open Weekend Event on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March 2013 with stocks arriving for delivery in early April! Click here to see the full range now!