Hardy Fin & Fly February 2013

Ever wonder where patterns like these came from?
The February 2013 edition of Fin & Fly is now available to read online! If you haven't seen it before, Fin & Fly is Hardy and Greys monthly e-zine, where you can read about the latest fishing tactics, news and tips, and Hardy Academy members share their latest fishing experiences. It's always filled with awesome photography, up to date info and great competitions.

This month it features new articles that focus on all aspects of the angling world, with contributions from some of the top names in the sport! John Bailey kicks us off this month with fly fishing for Mahseer in the Himalayas and, as winter drags on, Stuart Minnikin talks about chasing the Lady of the Stream. Following one of the wettest winters on record, Chris Ogborne looks at the effects this could have on our sport in the coming season, and instructor Stevie Munn describes the background of some of the most famous Trout flies ever invented including the Zulu, Peter Ross and Butcher.

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