Reisa Salmon Fly Fishing 20/40 Pound Club comes to GAC!

Have you ever wanted to catch a 20, 30 or 40 lbs Atlantic Salmon on Fly?
There are only a few rivers in the world which regularly produce 30 and 40lb Salmon and 20lbs Salmon in good numbers, and the Reisa Elva in northern Norway is one of them. The Reisa is the southern neighbour of the world famous Alta and its salmon display some genetic similarities with its more famous sister, not least their size. The Reisa 20/40 Pound Club has been established to offer Salmon fly fishermen exclusive (double bank) and semi-exclusive (single bank) access to rotating closed zones through-out the entire river. We invite all keen Salmon anglers to take a look at their website -
An example of a typical Reisa fish
The Reisa 20/40 Club will be visiting Glasgow Angling Centre on Thursday 31st January from 1:30pm - 9:00pm where we will give a broader overview and answer questions on fishing in the club waters.We hope that you will watch the video and take a look at the website. We would love to see you in Glasgow and answer your questions and really hope to see you fishing on the Reisa in 2013!

Stein Arne Ranes - Proprietor

For more information contact Jim Forrester (

Check out this short video showing what the Salmon fishing is like on the Reisa!