Tying a Trout Finn Variant (Traditional Wet Fly) with Davie McPhail

Davie ties a Trout Finn Variant, a handsome and effective wet fly sporting an attractive married feather wing. As well as showing you how to tie the fly, Davie also guides you through how to select and marry the feathers for the wings, an often daunting task to many.
Materials Used;
Hook: Kamasan B175 size 10
Thread: Uni-8/0 Black
Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest dyed Sunburst and Golden Pheasant Tippet dyed Hot Orange
Butt: Peacock Herl Dyed Black
Rib: Uni French Oval Tinsel Gold
Body: Uni Floss Black
Body Hackle: Metz Hen Cream (dyed Sunburst by Davie)
Front Hackle: Metz Hen Dyed Black
Wing: Goose Shoulder White and Dyed Yellow, Orange and Black

Davies preferred type of whip finish tool can be found HERE!

All of the materials needed to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre - if you need any help finding them or choosing substitutes we will be more than happy to help!