Savage Gear 3D Herring Shads - In Stock NOW!

At Glasgow Angling Centre, we just can't stop getting excited about Savage Gear Lures and judging by our customer's success rates, its no surprise they are one of our best sellers.  Countless specimen predators have fallen prey to their enticing profile, superb colours and realistic swimming action.

Savage Gear Lures Catch - Simple as that!
So when Savage Gear announce the arrival of a new lure to the market, it causes even greater excitement and anticipation.  That's exactly what's been happening with Savage Gear 3D Herring Shad Loose Body.

It's been produced using 3D scanning technology to create the perfect lure in both appearance and action.  The process involves scanning a real fish in detail and combining the results with geometrical shapes creating a lure that resembles and behaves like the real thing in the water.
The Design Process
When news got out, the demand was huge and we got bombarded with emails and calls from customers asking when they would be in!  So at long last the first stocks have arrived and we can start addressing the demand.

They are available in various sizes and colours and are perfect for Pike, Zander and other big Predatory fish.  During the development phase, the guys at Savage Gear had some awesome action, including this superb Pike from Andreas Bodden Abentuer:

Cracking Pike on the 3D Herring Shad

In terms of fishing the lure, it comes with a matching ball jig hook and stinger treble and can be rigged in a variety of ways.  It's designed to swim with a great side flash and rocking motion which is highly enticing so you better keep a tight line!  We suggest fishing them with a sink and draw technique, however they also receive a fair battering on a steady retrieve.  Others have suggested putting a bit of action into them and if so you better hold tight and wait for the fright!!
Another Cracker on the 3D Shad
The action in the water is simply tremendous and it's no wonder fish want to grab them:

So if you want to get your hands on the Savage Gear 3D Herring Shad, with it's truly innovative design using the the most modern technology, you better 'grab' yours today and experience the action yourself.
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