Amazing Million Dollar Lure!

Here at GAC we sell a lot of very expensive fishing gear, so we are used to the eye watering price tags on some of the latest top end products! Luckily we sell tackle to suit all budgets, so no one could ever say fishing was too expensive a sport to get into and it is amazing how little gear you actually need to be a successful angler! But we think this fishing lure might just have taken it too far........

If you are super wealthy and don't mind spending, then this Million Dollar Lure will surely have you hooked! The million dollar lure is crafted in just over 3lbs of gold and platinum, and is encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies. This amazing fishing lure is crafted by Mac Daddy, and is over 12 inches in length - and it carries a price tag to match its name, yours for 1 million dollars!


  1. That is is just the stupidest product i have ever seen in the 23 years of angling


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