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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Daiwa NewEra SLR Fly Rods - A New Era!

The new Daiwa NewEra SLR - Available early 2013!
It's been a while since we had a really exciting fly rod from Daiwa but the pending arrival of the NewEra SLR fly rods is set to change all that! It's no secret that Daiwa fly rods were one of the earliest contributors to the success and growth of the GAC and the ultra popular WF98 series of fly rods in particular helped catapult the store to the top of the mail order fishing tackle industry, with 1000's of rods sold in the early days from the tiny PD Fishing Tackle premises in Cumbernauld Village, and later from the first Glasgow Angling Centre store in the Gallowgate, Glasgow!
Four sections for ease of transport!
When we were first handed a nameless prototype fly rod from the guys at Daiwa it immediately created a bit of a buzz. This new rod was certainly different from the other top end rods on the market at the time - we were impressed! So impressed in fact that we kept it for a few months, used it for Trout from both bank and boat and even fished for Salmon and Seatrout with it. We put the rod in the the hands of many of our customers and colleagues, never telling them what this rod was or where it had come from as we were sworn to secrecy, and everybody gave it rave reviews, asked countless questions about it, or tried to buy it (or steal it)! And soon the rod that is about to bring the Daiwa brand back to the forefront of fly rod manufacture will be available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre - The Daiwa NewEra SLR is coming!
Titanium SiC stripping guides and single leg snakes
The rod designers at Daiwa brief was simple: to create a fly rod range that would both cast further and more accurately. Not much to ask! With all fishing rods, torque control and power conversion are the keys to casting distance and accuracy. The NewEra SLR fly rods have been designed around a foundation of Bias Carbon technology. The two directional high grade carbon sheets have been manipulated at 45 degrees, effectively transmitting the energy and compression evenly around the blank and resisting twist during loading.

This application of Bias material effectively doubles the blanks control over blank twist and buckling. Combined with a responsive and crisp recovery in the tip each NewEra SLR rod delivers a notable increase in precise line control, directional change and improved energy conversion - accuracy and distance all in one.
The unique V-Joint system also offers a hidden benefit. This innovative over-cap system allows the rod to internally maintain a Constant Taper Profile. Unlike normal over cap joints the NewEra rods do not increase in diameter at each female joint and then reduce quickly. It is shaped even and constant. This results in a purer power transfer.
The keeper ring on a Salmon model
Each rod was subjected to exhaustive testing and fine tuning by world champion caster, Hywel Morgan,  ensuring that each one not only delivers the intended line rating but has the ability to comfortably handle a rating range either side of that indicated. The NewEra SLR is built entirely in the Daiwa factory in Scotland using top quality Titanium SiC guides combined with durable, lightweight single leg snakes ensure slick line travel and to round the challenge off they have achieved all this in a four section assembly for easy of transport and versatility.
Pre-order yours now from GAC!

These rods have to been seen and cast to be believed, try one instore for yourself and place your pre-order with GAC for delivery in early 2013 - be one of the first angers in the county to embrace this new technology and be part of Daiwa's return to the top!

Daiwa NewEra Trout Fly Rod Features:
Bias carbon technology combined with HVF (High Volume Fibre)
Constant Taper Profile (internal)
Innovative V-Joint overcap
Unique Daiwa reel seat
Fuji Titanium SiC stripper guides
Stainless steel snake single legs
Travel tube with compartments
Original owner lifetime guarantee
Made in Scotland

The NewEra SLR Spey rods will be popular!
Embracing the same breakthroughs with Bias carbon technology as the Trout range of rods the NewEra SLR Salmon fly rods harness incredible casting energy and deliver it with remarkable precision and feel.
The front end is highly responsive allowing the caster to load the blank into a progressive power zone. Choice of timing here can make the rod release further up, delivering a tighter loop, or to add speed to overhead casts. Further down the torque resistance and rigid wall construction of the Bias carbon is where the NewEra SLR Spey rod really begins to deliver, serving up a variety of important benefits, ensuring higher power conversion and controlled unloading, it allows for positive line lift and propels each cast with remarkable accuracy. Accomplished design in a double hander that truly does excel with versatility.

Daiwa NewEra Salmon Fly Rod Features:
Bias carbon technology combined with HVF (High Volume Fibre)
Constant Taper Profile (internal)
Unique Daiwa reel seat
Strengthened Fuji SiC stripper guides
Stainless steel snakes
High grade cork handle
Hook keeper
Travel tube with compartments
Original owner lifetime guarantee
Made in Scotland

Check out the full range of Daiwa New Era SLR rods HERE and pre-order yours today for delivery in early 2013 either online or instore!

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