Limited Edition Dyna-King Kingfisher Now Available

The awesome new Dyna-King Kingfisher Limited Edition!
Glasgow Angling Centre is proud to introduce the Dyna-King Kingfisher Vice Pedestal Limited Edition fly tying vice. A new upgrade to one of the bestsellers in their line up, the Kingfisher.  This vice is machined from solid brass and stainless steel, and also has a brass friction screw for adjusting tension to aid in tying - a much requested feature from fly tyers - and a striking brass coloured Dyna-King logo plaque. The Kingfisher Limited is light-weight and can be taken anywhere.  It's a top quality vice at a affordable price and a fly tying collectors dream! Only 500 of these will be made, all pedestal models, and each will have a unique production number! You can order yours now from GAC either online or instore, but be quick as these will sell out fast!
Brass parts and friction screw on the Limited Edition vice
The Dynaking Kingfisher Vice Limited Features:
  • Notch-Lock Cam
  • Famous hook holding capability
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Shares same jaws as the top of the line Barracuda vice
  • Brass and stainless steel construction
  • Brass Friction screw
  • Material spring included
  • Limited run of 500 numbered vices
Kingfisher Limited Specifications: An upgrade to the popular Kingfisher vice, the addition of polished brass and a friction screw makes this limited edition model a must have! Its a small, yet durable vice which is machined from stainless steel, brass and aluminium and features Dyna-King's famous hook holding power, adjustable tension, notch lock cam and 360 rotation!

Hook range: 8/0-22, Length: Jaw tip to end 4 1/2”, Height: Jaw tip to desk 7”, Weight with Pedestal; 3lb

Dyna-King is family owned and operated. Three generations of the same family work together to ensure that every Dyna-King product is produced with the greatest attention to quality and precision craftsmanship. They are located in Cloverdale, at the northern end California's beautiful Sonoma Wine Country. The nearby Russian River is home to Salmon, Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass and several other species of fish.
Ron Abby at the vice
Ron Abby, the president of Dyna-King, is an avid angler and spends as much time on his favorite waters as business will allow and tells the story of how Dyna-King was born...

My father was a fly-fisherman. With his help, I caught my first trout: a seven inch golden, on a McGinty. We were 9000 feet up, standing in a snow bank at the edge of a pocket lake that drained into the headwaters of the San Joaquin River. I remember shivering; perhaps with excitement but also with the coolness of a crisp May morning. It was 1938, the beginning of my love affair with trout.

Eight years later, my entrepreneurial father moved our family to a mining claim on a tributary of the pristine Smith River of northern California. Obtaining a permit from the United States Forest Service, our family built and operated the rainbow trout hatchery and farm known as Trout Haven. My teen years were spent either working with the trout or fishing for them on the Smith and its feeder streams.

Fishing as often as time and resources allowed, the years passed more quickly than I could have imagined. My rapture with trout continued. In 1975 I met a fellow fly fisherman who was renowned as a fly tyer extraordinaire. Dissatisfied with his tying equipment, he said, Ron, why don't you build a good vise? One that will hold a hook! In 1981 I presented him with my first production vise. That was the beginning of Dyna-King, and that fisherman and fly tyer was Grant F. King.

Dyna-King vices are crafted with the finest tool steel, stainless steel and aluminum that money can buy. All Dyna-King parts are machined from solid stock and contain no castings of any kind! Components are first fabricated on modern computerized equipment and then hand crafted, fitted, honed and polished to extremely close tolerances to assure you of watch-type precision, unequaled ruggedness, flawless performance and smoother operation.
The Dyna-King workshop
A Dyna-King vice's primary purpose is to hold a hook securely and in this department, Dyna-King has no equal.
All Dyna King vices have tool hardened steel jaws which will accommodate a wide range of hooks sizes. The standard jaws allow tying from size 10/0 and down, and midge jaws are are also available, designed for serious trout tyers that tie flies on light wire hooks from size 12-28.

Hooks are secured by forward closing jaws. This unique feature offers the greatest mechanical advantage by locating pressure as close to the jaw tips as possible. Adjustment to various sizes of hooks is accomplished by twisting the forcing cone in either direction. The rear mounted lever cam allows easy access and is a simple matter of flipping the lever up and down to release the hook.

All models (excluding the Limited Edition) are available with either clamp or pedestal bases. Clamps open wide to accommodate most benches. Pedestal bases are heavy and are equiped with non-skid feet to resist sliding. Vices can also be converted to clamp or pedestal after purchase with an easily available kit.

Machined and polished construction renders your vice a thing of beauty.  Simple, clean designs make tying with a Dyna-King vice a joy and all Dyna-King vices come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
A batch of the new Limited Edition Kingfisher's ready for despatch!
DynaKing vices and accessories are all available from Glasgow Angling Centre and our staff will be happy to help you choose the right model and attachments for your needs - click HERE to buy now.


  1. Great feature that. Looks like a fine piece of engineering and design. Would love to upgrade my current vice but unfortunately I cant as the wife has plans for my pocketmoney in the run up to the end of the year. Maybe some day eh?


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