The Worlds Most Expensive Hook!

The Mustad Super Marlin 7761 was widely known in the 1950’s as the "Cadillac Hook". The hook was the world’s most expensive fishing hook and the price of one mille (1000 pieces – a sales unit for hooks) of Mustad 7761 was the same as the price for a new Cadillac at the time!
The Mustad Super Marlin 7761 - for Big Game
It was handmade with a braised and forged eye and a knife point for the ultimate in hook penetration without sacrificing holding ability and was strength rating tested to hold without failure. The most famous Marlin hook in history, these were used by both commercial and recreational big game fishermen the world over to catch giant Marlin and are even still in use today although usage is dwindling as many anglers move over to circle hooks which greatly aid catch and release fishing.
The "Cadillac"
Produced by Mustad in Gjøvik Norway, the manufacture of this hand crafted hook was stopped in the 1960’s, due to its high production costs, but has recently been resumed using modern materials and processes, continuing the name of the Super Marlin with the 7761Z series.