LYNX Fishing Confirm for the GAC September Event!

We are pleased to announce that as part of the launch of one of the most talked about tackle developments of the year, LYNX Fishing will be attending our Open Weekend Event on the 29th and 30th of September 2012! The guys from LYNX will be demonstrating their new knot-less system and you will even get the chance to pitch your best knots up against the LYNX gear on their scientific linear test rig. It's a must see for anglers of all disciplines!

Precision Compression Technology is a revolutionary new joining technology that completely eliminates the need for knots and crimps, and all their associated weaknesses in terminal tackle and pre-assembled rigs. It provides 100 percent join strength, it is 100 percent consistent, does not require heat or glue, and is hand made in Alnwick, England. Protected by the Patent Corporation Treaty, the technology has global applications in all forms of freshwater and saltwater fishing. Precision Compression Technology is the result of a three year extensive research and development program, during which time LYNX has worked alongside some of the UK’s top universities, and called upon experts from many different industries.

How it works - The key success factor in this new technologies performance is the use of specially designed tubes which are compressed onto the line. During the compression process, the line is not damaged in anyway. Through the correlation of a number of factors, the line is held in place by friction, it’s cross sectional area, and creates a wedge effect. This ensures maximum performance and strength is achieved at all times. Unlike a traditional knot or crimp, no stress, strain or deformation occurs in the line or wire. Significant investment in highly calibrated machinery, working to extremely tight tolerances has ensured that the process is 100 per cent consistent.

Performance - Precision Compression Technology always achieves 100 per cent strength of the line used, with 100 per cent consistency allowing the user 100 per cent confidence in the rig they are fishing with. It is the strongest, most consistent connection available to the modern angler.
All LYNX products are handmade in Alnwick, England, and incorporate the patented, Precision Compression Technology. The innovative new technology, completely eliminates the need for knots and crimps from terminal tackle and pre assembled rigs. Precision Compression Technology provides 100 per cent join strength, with 100 per consistency, providing the angler with 100 per cent confidence in any fishing situation. From the beginning there will be a range of predator rigs and a range of boat and shore rigs for sea fishing, with many more applications to come!

The rigs will be available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre for the first time at the Open Weekend, a world first! Watch this space for updates or contact us to pre order