New Hardy Gear - Coming Soon!

The team at Hardy are constantly working on the next additions to their fly fishing range and here is a little preview on some forthcoming Hardy fly fishing tackle releases, and expected launch dates. You can make sure you are at the head of the queue and be one of the first in the UK to own this exiting new gear buy pre ordering via our website or calling at the store! Most of these new products will be available to see first at the next Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend Event in September 2012 too!

Hardy Ultralite CLS Cassette Fly Reel - Due September 2012

Joining the best selling Hardy Ultralite DD and Ultralite CC reels this year is the new Hardy Ultralite CLS. A reliable, practical cassette reel with a stunning aesthetic design and an innovative spool locking mechanism that does away with any of the problems that have dogged cassette type fly reels in the past. These reels include the line ID system first seen on the Greys GX500 and GX700 reels - to mark the line type on the spool with secure, removable, reusable pins. CLS stands for Cassette Locking System. This Hardy-designed feature instantly locks/unlocks the spool into place at the flick of a switch, meaning the spool is held securely, but easy to remove. It also reduces the stress placed upon working parts within the system to a minimum. To see the full features of this reel, watch the video. Supplied with three spare spools, this reel is set to become the bestselling Hardy reel of all time!

Hardy Bros Wide Spool Perfect Reel - Due September 2012

The first batch of the latest in the long line of Perfect reels is due to be completed in September. The latest Perfect features a wide spool for better capacity, a time-proven check system, and that classic Perfect sound. Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel design in 1889, Hardys engineers, developers and consultants have been constantly striving for ways to improve on perfection, tweaking and adjusting to bring you what they believe are the best reels in their class to date. After all, if we offered anything less, it would not be a Perfect. Hand built in Hardys Alnwick factory to their exacting standards and worthy addition to the current Hardy Perfect range!

Hardy Mach Spey and Mach Multi Spey fly lines - Due September 2012

These new Salmon spey lines have been designed by Ian Gordon, and match perfectly with all modern salmon rods, including the Hardy Zenith double hander and Hardy Marksman2 S and T Series rods. These lines have been engineered to offer ease of use and great casting performance in range of conditions. The Multi Spey comes with 3 interchangeable tips so you can fish different depths without changing the whole line.

All New Hardy Clothing Range - Due September 2012

The designers at Hardy, understand fishing and what it takes to be the best, and for them, the right clothing is integral to this. The result of close collaboration between specialist clothing designers and experienced anglers, means the latest additions to our clothing range combine cutting edge design, construction and materials, backed up with relentless field testing. The new Hardy Radcliffe Tattersall Shirt is a classic British design in a technical lightweight fabric. The new Hardy Ingram Polo Shirt features the famous Hardy Bros logo used on Hardy products since the 1870s and the stylish new Hardy Langley Knitted Fleece combines the warmth and practicality of a fleece with the stylish look of knitwear and is sure to be a hit on the street as well as the bank!

If you have any questions about or would like to pre-order any of the new Hardy gear simply contact us or ask instore!