Knut Syrstad - An Appeal

The world knows about the legendary pioneering spirit of the Viking, and two identical brothers Knut and Trond Syrstad embody these characteristics. They have a unique and powerful bond between them that has seen them achieve so many great things during their lives. They ironically have both battled Testicular Cancer; Trond was perhaps fortunate that his treatment has been successful and he is in remission. Alas for Knut, the hoped for cure has not materialised for him yet, and he has battled with his indomitable spirit through a number of deadly encounters with the spread of metastases through his body. He has endured numerous hazardous surgeries and countless treatments of body wrecking chemotherapy. What he has been through would have finished any normal mortal man; but not Knut as he truly is no ordinary man. He embodies the true Viking spirit and is not ready for Valhalla as he battles stoically with humour, dignity and compassion for his wife, children, family and dear friends.
Knut and Trond Syrstad
Knut has the opportunity to try new pioneering medicine and needs further surgery to provide a lung transplant. This will give him the chance to live significantly longer and fulfil his dreams to see his children grow up and his LTS tackle company receive the recognition it rightly deserves. For many people to have a dream to pursue, this is enough to provide a direction in life. Knut has that dream, but needs to remove the deadly shackles of cancer that have hung remorselessly to him for the last dozen years. Having watched my dear wife die from cancer after a long protracted battle where I nursed her for two years, I have complete admiration for the Syrstad family and their fight to give Knut every opportunity to pursue his dreams. I would humbly ask that if you can make a donation of support, you are helping in no small way a giant of a man, who in this time of need, deserves and is truly worthy of our support. The human race needs true champions and iconic figures. Knut Syrstad is respected and loved the world over as an embodiment of all that is good in humanity. Online donations to support Trond and Knut can be made through PayPal through Thomas Thore's website -  

Ken Reid 
Fisheries Development Officer 
River Dee 


  1. Paul Devlin big thank you for putting out this

  2. Absolutely amazing Ken and Paul.
    I'm totally down bombarded with email, it seems to be a huge commitment.
    I do not see them money that goes directly through the IBAN account, but through PayPal since yesterday it has already reached nearly 700 pounds.
    Knut and Trond called me yesterday and they set incredibly high value on what we have started.

  3. Fantastic to support this Gary & Paul .....Nice one ;-)

    Stuart Wardle


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