The Sea Angler Guide to Rigs, Marks and Species

Sea angling has evolved a great deal since Sea Angler first published its now legendary Bait and Rigs book way back in 1996. But how could they possibly improve on it? The Sea Angler team have always been proud of two of their key strengths - the quality of the images taken by their highly skilled team of photographers, and the detailed artwork drawn by their very own artist, Dave Batten.
Essential reading!
So why not combine the two to produce a sea angling book that not only inspires you to fish, but shows you how to do it at the same time and what sea fishing tackle you should use? With 30 chapters to read there’s a lot expertise, excitement and knowledge ahead. This 148-page information packed book is basically divided into three distinct areas; catching seasonal shore species, advice on how to catch from classic shore marks and, finally, how to catch fish from charter boats. Plus, scattered through the book are vital instruction panels and pages, which show you how to complete key tasks like tying hooks, swivels and leaders, tricks on how to bait hooks and how to tie the best all round flapper shore rig. Instruction aside, it is the stunning images and clear artwork that stand out in this newly published book, which reflects the very best in sea angling.
The Sea Angler Guide to Rigs, Marks and Species is available to buy for just £9.99 plus P&P from the Go Fishing website HERE! An essential addition to any sea fishing enthusiast's reading material!