Sage CIRCA - Coming Soon!

An exiting new Sage fly rod aimed at the river angler looking for finesse over raw power will soon be available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre!

If you're a devotee of the casting nuances of the slow action fly rod, a student of its historic ties to our sport, or just like the thrill of moving in close to actively feeding fish, then you should consider the new Sage CIRCA a reward for your years of dedication.
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Jerry Siem, the lead designer at Sage, wanted to bring the smoothness of bamboo combined with the qualities of modern carbon rods, light in the hand and with the power to be precise. But be warned: the CIRCA does not mimic the type of slow action that has so far defined the category - overly soft, willowy and flat. Instead, thanks to Sage's unique Konnetic technology's ability to compact and align more carbon fibres into a smaller diameter blank, Sage were able to design a radically narrow taper throughout the length of the rod, resulting in consistently slow, yet responsive action from butt to tip.
The new Sage CIRCA is a technologically advanced slow-action fly rod that honours your slower, more deliberate casting style, yet is still every bit a Sage fly rod.

With six different four-piece models in the range from 2-weight through 5 weight, the Sage CIRCA fly rods feature a Green Tea shaft colour with Olive and Slate colour trim wraps. The Vera wood insert with black aluminium reel seat and winding check pattern create an aesthetically pleasing combination. A custom Sage snub nose half-wells grip completes the rod that comes in a black rod bag with iridescent Black Hills Gold silkscreen in a 1 5/8” Desert Gold rod tube with a black cap.

The Sage CIRCA will be available to try and buy at Glasgow Angling Centre from late August and you can pre-order now and be one of the first angler in the UK to own one buy contacting our sales team HERE!