The Rio Unispey System

Rio’s new UniSpey line is the ultimate all round, general purpose Spey line, and is now available to buy from GAC! Ideal for medium and larger sized rivers, more than two years of product testing and taper tweaking has resulted in an extraordinarily easy casting line, with a long front taper that produces ultra smooth, efficient loops. The line will easily cast larger flies and cope with tricky winds, yet lands with a great presentation that will not disturb glass-smooth pools.

The Rio UniSpey features a long, precise front taper that produces ultra smooth, efficient loops and incredible turnover of larger flies even in tough winds. The easy-casting, mid-belly length head is an exceptionally good line choice for fishing medium to large sized rivers, and the unique taper design creates long, effortless casts and a presentation gentle enough to not disturb quiet pools.
Three different formats of the UniSpey cover all angling preferences for the spey caster; a full floating line with integrated running line; a full floating shooting head; and a multi-tip style VersiTip shooting head.
Rio UniSpey Line Taper
The fully integrated floating Spey line has a total length of up to 130 ft and is ideal for anglers that do not like knots or loop to loop connections shooting through the rod guides. It has a black loading point near the end of the head to easily show anglers the best place to load the rod.
Rio UniSpey Shooting Head Taper
The floating shooting head has a welded loop on both ends for fast rigging and is designed to provide a longer belly option for anglers that prefer to use shooting heads and choose their own running line.
Rio UniSpey VersiTip Head Taper
The VersiTip shooting head includes a 20ft. long floating tip allowing anglers to switch between the floating tip and standard 15ft sinking Rio VersiTips when conditions dictate. The body has been designed to have enough power to turnover heavy T-11 or T-14 tips when needed.

The UniSpey lines are made in a Light Grey colour and are available from a 6/7 weight through 10/11, with varying head lengths. The full floating line, the floating shooting head, and the VersiTip head are available from Glasgow Angling Centre both instore and online!