New Airflo Ridge Supple Impact Mini-Tip Lines!

The new Ridge Supple Impact Mini Tip range from Airflo is now available to buy from GAC! After the incredible success and subsequent time spent fishing with the original 3’ Mini Tip lines,  plus the hundreds of customer reviews and feedback received, the flyline design team at Airflo realised that a lot more development could be done in the sink tip market.

As a result of this research and development Airflo have released a range of Slow and Fast Intermediate tip lines in the Ridge Supple Impact Taper range. Designed specifically for the stillwater angler, these lines will also be extremely useful for streamer fishing in both coastal and running waters. The Impact taper design with its relatively short front taper and long rear taper loads easily and work well in a wide range of applications for anglers of all abilities.
The bestselling Ridge Impact range just got better!
6’ Slow Tip - First in the line up is the 6’ Slow Intermediate Tip, this line has a pale fluorescent yellow main line and a translucent olive 6’ tip section. Developed with the ‘Washing Line’ technique in mind, this line keeps you in direct contact even with the slowest of retrieves, without sinking the flies too deep and eliminates the hinge effect you experience on the 3’ fast intermediate tip ( this hinge is great for deep nymphing, but not perfect for surface fishing). Available in WF6, WF7 and WF8.

6’ Fast Tip - This 6’ fast tip helps you drop the flies deeper in the water column, but due to its long level tip section, does not pull down the floating belly for improved depth control. With a pale olive main body and a translucent green fast intermediate tip section, this line is perfect for wake avoidance with streamers and exceptional for deep nymphing on windy days. Available in WF6, WF7 and WF8.

12’ Fast Tip - The perfect line for getting deep and holding depth, giving you control over your flies level on the brightest of days when fish refuse to come up in the water column. Available in WF6, WF7 and WF8.

The full range of Airflo fly lines and accessories is available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre both online and instore!