New York - A Fishing Metropolis

The guys at Wychwood Game fly fishing recently embarked on a trip across the pond, to the well documented but little known state of New York. They were promised hard fighting fish across a variety of species in diverse surroundings - and they were not disappointed...

As Wychwood Game's brand/design manager Paul Richardson, describes "The thing that struck me most about New York is the diversity of fishing available, both in terms of location and all the different species of fish - which is a perfect platform for our intense product testing programs!" The trip was documented by film/production company ClockworkCloud and they aim to launch on 21st July 2012 - Part 1 of the short film NEW YORK: A FISHING METROPOLIS.

This 2012 Film première promises to capture and highlight the awe-inspiring experience that they undertook. Here we have the trailer for the first part of this film - we can't wait to see the full thing - and hope you can't too!!