Trout In Dirty Places

Trout In Dirty Places by Theo Pike is now in stock at GAC!
Now in Stock!
Trout In Dirty Places is a guide to the most exciting development in British angling for many years: fly-fishing for Trout and Grayling in the very centre of towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom.

From Sheffield to South London, from Merthyr Tydfil to Edinburgh, this is the cutting edge of 21st century fishing. Nothing is more surreal yet exhilarating than casting a fly for iconic clean-water species in the historic surroundings of our most damaged riverscapes – centres of post-industrial decay, but now also of rediscovery and regeneration.

This book guides readers towards relaxing, good value fishing on their own doorsteps as a viable alternative to more costly (and carbon-intensive) destination angling: a positive lifestyle choice in challenging moral and economic times. It even includes a profile on our own local urban river - the Kelvin in Glasgow!

Theo Pike is an angling/environmental writer. As Chairman of the Wandle Trust, he was instrumental in restoring south London's River Wandle to its former status as a world-famous chalkstream fishery.
This project's success inspired the Wild Trout Trust to establish a national Trout in the Town programme, with the Wandle as its flagship initiative. Theo has done much work advising groups on mobilising local support, motivating volunteers, and best practice for river clean-ups. He was awarded the Wild Trout Trust's Bernard Venables Award for services to wild trout conservation, and internationally honoured as a Sage Conservation Hero in 2009

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  1. Sounds good! Does it highlight anywhere in the GTR Manchester area? I know some nice brownies have been caught in the Irwell round Salford way.


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