Now Available at GAC - The Ultraspey Shooting Head System!

The Ultraspey - designed by Eoin Fairgrieve
Glasgow Angling Centre is now a stockist of the Ultra Spey Shooting Head System, designed by Eoin Fairgrieve to take the hassle and guess work out of Spey casting with modern rods and lines. These lines come with everything you need to get going, including a running line, two bellies - a full float and a float/intermediate, and 5 tips - floating, intermediate, sink 3, sink 6 and sink 8 and come in three line weights - 8/9(39g), 9/10(42g) and 10/11(44g).

The box contains everything you need!
As Spey casting has evolved, short-headed Spey, shooting head and Skagit techniques have dominated the sport. With this in mind, the Ultraspey Shooting Head System has been designed for all forms of modern Spey casting techniques in the pursuit of Salmon on small, medium and large sized river systems. Developed for long distance casts without compromising fly presentation, each head length is calculated to allow a range of casting styles whilst in use. This system offers the perfect balance, allowing both compact casters to favour a compressed power stroke as well as giving the more traditional angler the opportunity to apply power over a longer casting stroke.

If you’re looking for a fly line system that offers excellent water coverage and at the same time versatility in depth control for various fishing situations, you should seriously consider investing in a shooting head system. This is an extremely adaptable system that offers an interchangeable line solution covering the broadest range of water heights and weather conditions. Over the years shooting heads have enjoyed wide spread popularity on rivers throughout Scandinavia and are becoming increasingly popular with UK Salmon anglers. Armed with one reel loaded with a running line and a selection of heads of various densities, Salmon anglers can fish effectively from the highest to the lowest of river conditions. With the head supplying the casting weight and the thin running line reducing friction as the line is cast out through the rod rings, these lines can also be cast huge distances for minimal effort, making it easy for casters of all abilities to increase water coverage.
World class casting instructor - Eoin Fairgreive
Developed by Eoin Fairgrieve, the new Ultraspey Shooting Head system is the ultimate interchangeable shooting head system for Salmon fishing. The line system utilizes the very latest in fly line technology and includes Airflo’s patented ridge running line, two bellies and five attachable tips. The Ultraspey running line is not only ridged in profile, but also slightly stiffer than mainstream running lines. This allows for reduced contact friction as the line shoots through the rod rings, resulting in unparalleled line speed on the forward delivery.

The shooting head taper’s are calculated to offer optimum power transfer as the fly line extends during the casting cycle, with the floating/intermediate offering additional depth control in cold water conditions. Regardless of which head is used, the interchangeable tips allow for complete flexibility in fly presentation by quickly changing tip density depending on the fishing situation. At the centre of the head system is Airflo’s famous Power Core braid. With only 6% stretch, this braided core technology allows for improved casting control and line stability in flight. The Power Core braid also enhances sensitivity as the fly swings through the pool. This allows for early detection of the take and ultimately, better hook ups and more chance of a landed fish.

The Ultraspey Shooting Head System is available to buy from Glasgow Angling Centre HERE or instore.