Trout and Salmon Magazine - 14ft Salmon Rod Review

This month in Trout and Salmon magazine they have one of their big rod reviews, always a source of much discussion between anglers all over the world! This time round it's 14ft(roughly) Salmon fly rods, with the focus mostly on new models for this season! The stand out models tested include...
The new Guideline Exceed - In Jim Curry's review of this rod he loved the responsiveness and versatility and there is definitely a bit of a buzz around these rods instore with the first and second deliveries selling out very quickly! Is this the best value for money rod Guideline have ever made? We think so!
The Greys XF2 'S' - The replacement for the Greys X-Flite is proving very popular and having the choice between the Scandi action and Traditional action is a clincher for a lot of customers. Jim Curry said in his review of the rod how powerful it was and how it would make a great sunk line rod. It's a pity they couldn't also test the XF2 'T' model along side the Scandi model.
The Hardy Marksman 2 'T' - Both rod testers, Jim Curry and Gary Champion, were impressed by these rods, liking the cosmetics and action of the rod and praising its lightness in the hand in their reviews. Again this rod is available in a Scandi version and it would have been nice to have seen them both tested to see what they thought.
The Mackenzie DTX G2 - Scott Mackenzies latest rods have been getting a lot of attention in the shop both from veteran DTX owners and newcomers alike. Gary Champion noted the improvements in his review, pointing out that this rod was slimmer, lighter and faster than previous models tested, virtues that may not suit everybody, but then the older rods are still available to buy and at a better price than ever!
The Hardy Zenith SINTRIX double hander - Both Jim and Gary were very impressed with this rod and gave it a glowing review! The power and performance of these rods did not go unnoticed and neither tester had a bad word to say about it, and this is also what we have found with anyone who test casts these, you just don't want to put it down! The only drawback is the price but these rods are really at the top of their game...

You can read the full review HERE and every rod is available to see and buy from Glasgow Angling Centre both instore and online.