Ladies Fishing Confirms for the March Open Weekend!

Anne Woodcock from Ladies Fishing has confirmed their attendance for the GAC Open Weekend on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2012!
Ladies Fishing are a group of ladies based in the North East of England who meet regularly and go fishing together. They established the group for a number of reasons, firstly to fill the demand from ladies for river fishing events for Salmon and Trout. Secondly to offer qualified, experienced instructors, teaching beginners to advanced casting tuition for ladies on a group and individual basis at a sensible price. Thirdly to encourage a network of female fishing buddies across the North East and Scottish border’s and lastly to raise money through fishing initiates and events for good causes. They also organise free events to encourage females into fishing. Ladies Fishing don’t charge a membership fee to join, and members enjoy many benefits.

Anne will be at our March Open Weekend helping members of the public, especially women and kids, tie their first fly on a brooch to help raise funds for Casting for Recovery and she will also be giving advice to any ladies thinking of taking up angling.

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