Dave Edwards and Bug-Bond confirm for the Open Weekend!

Bug-Bond - Click to find out more
With 1000's of kits sold we are pleased to announce that the man behind the hottest fly tying product of the last couple of years is coming to our March Open Weekend! Dave Edwards will be with us all weekend demonstrating how to get the best results with his revolutionary product, letting you see why thousands of fly tyers all over the UK are raving about it!

Bug-Bond does away with messy epoxies and varnishes and leaves you with a very slick system to finish flies with. Simply apply Bug-Bond where you need it and blast it with UV light from the special torch for a few seconds to set it. Its crystal clear and as tough as epoxy, making your flies bullet proof! Check out this video from Davie McPhail using Bug-Bond on a very easy to tie Grayling bug!

Bug-Bond is ideal for Trout, Grayling and Salmon flies and especially saltwater and Pike patterns and all of these applications will be demonstrated at the Open Weekend before your very eyes!