New Scott MacKenzie DTX G2 Spey Rods Review!

The long awaited second generation Spey rods from Scott MacKenzie's DTX label have arrived! The new DTX G2 rods feature updated actions, the latest fittings and cool new cosmetics. Plus two new surprise additions to the range in the form of a 10' #7 single hand rod and an 11' 2'' #7/8 switch rod both aimed at anglers fishing smaller rivers for Salmon and Sea Trout. Having cast and fished with the new rods at various points in their development I thought I would give you a bit of an introduction to the finished articles.
The all new DTX G2 from Scott MacKenzie
The 10' single hander is a versatile rod that will spey and overhead cast both shooting heads and conventional fly lines and I would be more than happy to use the rod for small spate river Salmon, night time Seatrout forays and even loch fishing for burly Rainbows and Browns. I can see this rod being a favourite with small stillwater Trout and competiton anglers too, and with a price tag under £400 it could be serious competitor for some better known top end trout rods!
A neat new Switch rod!
The 11' 2'' Switch rod is a dainty, delicate, mini double hander - but hoop it over and the underlying fish fighting power comes to light and I would be more than confident playing a decent summer fish on this versatile wee rod, with no qualms about landing a big fish quickly for a quick photo and release! Matched with one of the latest switch lines or a correctly balanced shooting head set up this rod is capable of needle sharp loops with deadly accuracy and at distances that would raise a few eyebrows with 'Big Rod' fans.
Smart and stealthy fittings!
The more traditionally sized 12', 13', 14', 15' and 16' DTX G2 rods show a definite progression from the first generation rods, the stealthy matt green finished blanks suiting the rods to a tee and a newly designed black reel seat, elongated to allow the use of long footed classics like Hardy Perfects and Malloch reels without modification, sits nicely in a traditional full length cork spey handle. Although aimed at the full spey line market I would have no hesitation in using a shooting head on these rods and the 14' positively sings with the correct head on it, making these among the most versatile rods on the market. Even a fairly average spey caster like myself can get into these rods within a few casts and start to concentrate on the fishing rather than the casting - an important factor in a market with more than its fair share of 'Performance Rods' which, lets face it, can be more than a handful for the vast majority of Salmon anglers. Teamed up with the matching line from Scott's comprehensive range of Heads and Speylines, the guys at MacKenzie including Andy Toft, Ian Kirk and Ben Dixon have taken the guesswork out of spey casting.
The Updated DTX G2 Spey rod.
These new rods however don't mean the end for the best selling original DTX rods. The ranges will be run side by side for the foreseeable future, and the with a new lower price point the older range of rods should now be within reach of a new batch of salmon fishing fanatics, keen to try one of the most popular rods in its class of the last decade.
All the rods come in a smart tube and sock
Scott MacKenzie and his team will be at the GAC Open Weekend in March, giving anglers a chance try before they buy, or even just to see what all the fuss is about, while at the same time giving qualified advice on casting and line selection for the rods - an opportunity not to be missed!

The new rods are due in stock by early February and will be sold by Glasgow Angling Centre. A try before you buy service will also be available, for more information contact us HERE or ask instore.