Custom Puma Pike Trainers!

Check out these awesome custom training shoes, perfect for a spot of urban predator fishing in the inner cities!
Custom Puma Pike Sneaks!
Based in Bristol, South West England, Rob L has been involved in underground creative culture for almost 20 years. In these circles everyone loves their trainers - and for him it was always Puma Suedes in particular, and over the years he sought out and collected more and more pairs. He takes a very methodical approach to his work, and always has one essential rule in mind - it's got to look like a factory finish. To this end he has developed his own techniques of working with leather paint and ink.

"Initially I produced painted graphic work on white leather shoes, but as I was also collecting so many suede shoes it really intrigued me to find out how to master that material too. Early experiments taught me that a solid-colour factory looking finish is quite hard to achieve on a ready-made suede shoe, so I began to experiment with smaller areas of colour and pattern to fill areas in, and this is how my current pattern work was born."

This pair is made from a bright green Puma Match LE, and was painted for a keen Pike fisherman, based on a Pike skin pattern. The shoe was then finished with a custom gold leaf "PUMA PIKE" foil block on each side.

You can see more of Rob L's work on his website


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