Hardy's Latest Flagship Reel has Arrived!

The all new flagship model from Hardy, the Fortuna X has arrived instore and is available from today!
The stunning new Fortuna X reel
In a collaboration between some of the finest reel designers in the world and expert saltwater fly anglers like Andy Mill, Hardy have produced a lightweight, waterproof sealed, beast of a fly reel producing up to 32lb of smooth stopping power. The Fortuna X is a strong and surprisingly light reel designed to perfectly balance the Proaxis Sintrix Saltwater fly rods.
Massive capacity!!!
Stunning in design the Fortuna X features multiple carbon brake pads, 7 point waterproof sealing, and a secure yet rapid spool change that requires no tools. With all that power to stop hard fighting saltwater species, this would also make a great Salmon reel with plenty of capacity for the bulkiest of Spey lines as you can see below.

Capacities with Salmon Spey lines (for normal capacities see main table below)
X2 - Mach 65 #8 +135m 30lb, Mach 65 #9 +98m 30lb
X3 - Mach 65 #10 +236m 30lb, Mach 65 #11 +208m 30lb
X4 - Mach 65 #11 +382m 30lb, Rio Grand Spey #12 +270m 30lb

The name Fortuna was actually brought out of the old Hardy brand archive, the previous model being a big game fishing reel with a star drag and a loud spring and pawl clicker made in the 1920s and 30s for fishing the North Sea off Scarborough, when Tuna were caught there. They were soon used all over the World wherever big game fish were to be found, and the literal “for tuna” name is still pretty much on the mark.
The original Fortuna was designed for Tuna!
The Fortuna X was designed in collaboration with Andy Mill and Tom Evans, who both know a thing or two about fighting big saltwater fish on the fly. And while the performance aspect is key, it’s also very easy on the eye, made from top grade 6061 bar stock aluminium, and easy to convert from right hand to left hand retrieve. Available in four sizes to suit line weights from #8 to #14, Fortuna X reels cost from £599 to £749, and as such, they’re definitely for anglers who are serious about their sport. Other features include...
  • Low start up inertia
  • Largest sizes generate up to 32lb of top end drag
  • Large backing capacities
  • Multi Carbon disc brake system
  • Top grade 6061 anodized bar stock aluminium
  • Simple left to right hand wind change with tool supplied
  • Secure, quick release, interchangeable spools
  • 7 -Point sealed drag system - Saltwater safe
  • Supplied with neoprene pouch
HousecodeSupplier codeModelCapacity
HR1523HREFORX1Reel : Fortuna X1WF8 + 201yds 20lb Micron
HR1524HREFORX2Reel : Fortuna X2WF10 + 187yds 30lb Micron
HR1525HREFORX3Reel : Fortuna X3WF12 + 274yds 30lb Micron
HR1526HREFORX4Reel : Fortuna X4WF14 + 557yds 40lb Micron
HR1527HSPFORX1Spool : Fortuna X1N/A
HR1528HSPFORX2Spool : Fortuna X2N/A
HR1529HSPFORX3Spool : Fortuna X3N/A
HR1530HSPFORX4Spool : Fortuna X4N/A