Tying the Olive Quilled Cruncher with Davie McPhail

Davie shows us how to tie the Cruncher, a hugely successful trout fly that works very well in reservoirs and small stillwaters up and down the country.

All the materials used to tie this fly are available from Glasgow Angling Centre, and if you need any help choosing them from the range just ask!

Materials Used:

Hook, Kamazan B175 size 10 to 14
Thread, Yellow Olive UTC 70
Tail, Cock Hackle Fibres dyed Golden Olive
Body, Dyed Peacock Quill Golden Olive
Wingbuds, Sunburst Goose Biots
Thorax, Peacock Herl dyed Golden Olive
Hackle, Light Ginger Hen dyed Golden Olive